October 10, 2004

اتاق مادرم -2

اتاق تو تاریک است
اتاق تو تاریک تاریک است
چرخ خیاطی
و عطرهای نیمه کاره در تاریکی غرق شده اند
فقط آیینه گه گاه برقی می زند
شاید انعکاس برق نگاه تو که از گوشه های تاریک، صحنه های روشن بازی ما را نگاه می کنی
مهر 83


At 12:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Salam! Man Nahalam, albateh! I always read your weblog. Your weblog is a space in which the absence of your mother becomes particularly present for me; it makes it more believable and it makes it more unbelievable at the same time. In all the other spaces of my life she is just as present and as absent as all my other loved ones in Iran, dead or alive. It is hard to distinguish between the kind of absence that death brings and all the other absences in your life when you are away and for so long too. I can't believe this is the fifth year. Anyway, I still think your poems are very good. You should publish a small collection. I'm still struggling with typing Farsi though I know you have sent me instructions a couple of times; but now I have this laptop and I don't know how to set things up from scratch. I hope you don't mind me writing this in English. I just wanted to say hi and tell you about your weblog and your poems.

Be well and please give my regards to your father and Mazyar.

I realize this really is not a comment! I should apologize to whoever has had to read this as a 'comment'!


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